One Mayoral Candidate Opposes Parent Trigger – Sort Of

Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, via LA Weekly

On Friday, the LA Weekly first reported that all of the mayoral candidates but one — Eric Garcetti — had indicated support for the parent trigger. Then, in a 5:00 pm update, the alternative weekly reported that Garcetti was supporting the parents at 24th Street Elementary who have initiated a trigger process — “but he does not fully back the Parent Trigger law.” He’s quoted saying: “I’m not sure that Parent Trigger on its own is ultimately able to provide the kind of systematic and meaningful parent involvement and local control that turning around our schools will require.” Garcetti has been endorsed by the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), which opposes the trigger.

  • Robert D. Skeels

    My wife and I are still undecided on who we will vote for Mayor, but I have written on Echo Park Patch about my admiration for Mr. Garcetti’s support of LAUSD Adult Education.

    Like Mr. Garcetti, I fully support LAUSD Adult Education and call for more access to vocational training as well.
    However, the likelihood of us voting for Mr. Garcetti just increased exponentially when we read here this morning that he questions the fringe-right ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and The Heartland Institute’s so-called ‘parent’ trigger law, which hands our public property over to the lucrative privately managed charter corporations. It’s refreshing to finally see a candidate who doesn’t kowtow ideas and legislation from extreme right think tanks. It’s even more refreshing to see a candidate who puts community before the profits of plutocrats. For more on ALEC’s trigger law see:

    For more on ALEC’s local figurehead, barrister Ben Austin, see: