Former Superintendent Debates Union Head

Thanks to a kind reader for sending along this PBS NewsHour segment in which former LAUSD superintendent Roy Romer debates American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten: 

It’s a couple of weeks old but still might be worth the watch, given the ongoing debate over including student achievement in teacher evaluations and whether unions can or should be involved in reform.  Or read the transcript here.

LA Teachers Make “Upstarts” List

Who: A self-appointed caucus of progressive teachers within the 38,000- member United Teachers Los Angeles union.

What: Currently holds more than 25 percent of the 350 seats in the UTLA House of Representatives, and helped elect a reform-friendly UTLA president last year. Has inspired similar factions in other districts..

via Atlantic Magazine: The Education Upstarts. Other groups mentioned include StudentsFirst, Educators For Excellence, and Democrats For Education Reform.

Lawmakers Won’t Comment On Sex Abuse Vote

You might enjoy (or be appalled by) this Thursday night segment from the CNN Show Anderson Cooper 360 including footage of reporter Kyung Lah chasing the four SB1530 abstainers around the statehouse.
It’s a little heavy-handed, but three of the four legislators play right into CNN’s hands by ducking interviews and issuing terse “no comments” while waiting for the elevator to arrive.  (Special Interests Over Child Interests?)