Morning Read: State Senate to vote on teacher evaluation bill

Teacher evaluation bill moves to Senate floor
A bill that would allow teacher unions to negotiate various aspects of their own job performance evaluations is expected to be considered on the Senate floor this week. SI&A Cabinet Report

Los Angeles River School teaches water conservation through gardening
The pilot school is one of only three schools in the entire Los Angeles Unified School District that uses reclaimed water for its landscaping. ABC7

Schools face challenge of explaining Common Core test results to parents
At stake is whether parents – and by extension students themselves – will be able to understand what the scores on the new tests mean. Ed Source

How the new GED is failing students
The GED is affecting students all across California. LA Unified stopped administering the GED altogether last year, relying exclusively on the HiSET. East Bay Express

California Assembly moves to expand sex education in schools
The legislation would require schools to teach more about sexually transmitted infections and discuss same-sex relationships when teaching HIV prevention. CBS Los Angeles

Canada’s forced schooling of aboriginal children was ‘cultural genocide’ 
The schools, financed by the government but run largely by churches, were in operation for more than a century, from 1883 until the last one closed in 1998. New York Times

Morning Read: College Board, Khan Academy offer free SAT prep

College Board, Khan Academy team up to offer free SAT prep program
Students can start preparing for the SAT Tuesday with a new, free online study program affiliated with the test. Los Angeles Times

Teaching-sub hiring policies vary widely
The growing demand for substitutes has raised questions about the quality of temporary teachers and their effect on a student’s education. U-T San Diego

Inside the mind of an anti-vaccine California parent
A surprising number of well-educated people decide each year not to have their children immunized. Huffington Post

LAUSD gives approval to practice on professional development days
Sports teams in the Los Angeles Unified School District will now be able to practice and play games on professional development days. Los Angeles Times

How to anonymously report bullying? There’s an app for that
A new way to stop bullying and negative activity is at the tip of students’ fingers.

Beyond the birds and the bees: Surviving sex ed today
Bronx-based teacher Lena Solow is more than happy to talk about the birds, the bees … and beyond. NPR

Morning Read: Questions of direction for use of LCFF money

Editorial: The governor who didn’t bark
Twenty-three months later, it is difficult to not be deeply cynical about what’s happened to the Local Control Funding Formula. U-T San Diego

School may be the best place to address PTSD
A lawsuit alleges that California’s Compton Unified School District has failed to properly address its students’ experiences of trauma. Huffington Post

Blue-collar town leads Rhode Island’s tech-assisted learning revolution
Nearly all of Rhode Island’s public school districts and charter schools are experimenting with technology in classrooms to some degree. Hechinger Report

Native American students In Utah getting referred to police at high rate
Native American children in the state were more likely to get referred to law enforcers or arrested at school than any other student group. iSchoolGuide

Teacher who read homoerotic Ginsberg poem in class resigns
Nearly a half-century after publication, an Allen Ginsberg poem about a homosexual encounter has divided a small Connecticut town. CNN

Morning Read: Brown’s cautious projections spark grumbling

California budget fight: Predictions more than programs
The state government’s annual fiscal blueprint is drawn not with real data but with projections about tax revenues. KQED

New commission to focus on California’s early education services
A coalition of policymakers, business and community leaders launched a new effort Thursday to “modernize” the state’s early childhood services. KPCC

National Spelling Bee ends in tie for 2nd year in a row
The bee hadn’t ended in a tie for 52 years — until last year. Now it’s happened for an unprecedented two years running. Los Angeles Daily News

Key education bills face legislative deadline
Bills that would increase funding for school transportation, career education and create new academic standards are among the proposals. SI&A Cabinet Report

The ongoing struggle of teacher retention
Getting experienced educators to work in the highest-need schools requires more than bonus pay. The Atlantic

Young Hispanics squeezed between gangs and cops in Central Valley
Young people suffer from hopelessness desperate enough to drive them to join criminal organizations run by men living in prisons hundreds of miles away. VICE

Morning Read: Starting sex education in kindergarten?

The case for starting sex education in kindergarten
By law, all primary school students in the Netherlands must receive some form of sexuality education. The system allows for flexibility in how it’s taught. PBS

LAUSD to pay $4.42 million in 3 Pacoima molestation lawsuits
The lawsuits alleged the district was negligent in its supervision of former teacher Paul Chapel, who was sentenced in 2012 to 25 years in prison. City News Service

Ongoing issues face new LAUSD technology chief
Shahryar Khazei succeeds Ron Chandler, the district’s last chief information officer, who resigned abruptly last year. KPCC

Bill to deter, study recycled tires in artificial turf facing critical vote
LA Unified and New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation already banning the use of recycled tires for turf. San Mateo Daily Journal

Many students in Silicon Valley community not reading by 3rd grade
In San Mateo County, 43 percent of 3rd-graders are falling behind in reading, according to standardized test scores. Ed Source

Teachers Of All Races Are More Likely To Punish Black Students
Many studies suggest that implicit bias, not white supremacist intentions on the part of individuals, plays a role at nearly every stage. Huffington Post

Morning Read: LAUSD sued after alleged sexual assault on campus

LAUSD sued after student allegedly sexually assaulted on campus
The lawsuit claims that the school principal said she was too busy to help when notified during the attack. ABC7

Wall Street cheers Brown’s revised May budget
A key Wall Street rating agency gave California a positive credit report last week. SI&A Cabinet Report

Can we really prepare kids for both college and career?
California is making a big investment in “linked learning.” Hechinger Report

Number of kids treated for mental health issues has risen 50% in last 20 years
The research is published in the May 21 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. iSchoolReport

7 lessons learned from a successful 1-to-1 laptop program
Last year, Savannah-Chatham County Schools launched a 1-to-1 laptop learning program that has spurred higher test scores. The Journal

Morning Read: Demonstrators call for removal of South LA principal

Demonstrators call for removal of principal at John W. Mack Elementary 
The emotions were raw outside of John W. Mack Elementary School in South Los Angeles Thursday. ABC7

New California teaching credentials decline for 10th successive year
At the same time, the number of teachers given short-term and provisional permits, and so- called “intern” credentials, rose sharply. Ed Source

Plan unveiled to bring computer science into high schools nationwide has teamed up with The College Board. iSchoolGuide

Study: Cell phone ban linked to rise in test scores
None of the schools surveyed had cell phone bans in place in 2001, 50% had them in 2007. By 2012, 98% did not allow them on school grounds. Education News

California unveils new student score reports
For California students, it’s new standards and new tests. For their parents, it’s new score reports. Monterey Herald

Will Bernie Sanders take on K12 education issues?
As we enter the campaign for the 2016 presidential race, educators and students are looking for a candidate willing to buck some very powerful trends. Living in Dialogue

Morning Read: Charters get a seat at LAUSD board table

L.A. school board seat is a pivotal win for charter school movement
The win gives the district’s 211 charter schools a key ally they never had before. Los Angeles Times

L.A. School Board wins/losss are like mirror images
Rarely do voters demand change while simultaneously reaffirming the status quo, but that’s exactly what happened in the May 19 LAUSD elections. Jewish Journal

Budget proposal is mixed for foster students
Although advocates for foster youth say they are disappointed that Gov. Brown did not increase funds to expand Foster Youth Services. Ed Source

Panel backs fee hike for teacher misconduct backlog
The Commission on Teacher Credentialing processes some 5,500 complaints each year about the actions of teachers and principals. SI&A Cabinet Report

It is Head Start’s 50th anniversary
The program was meant to attack poverty at its roots by helping to give disadvantaged kids some of same educational opportunities as affluent ones. Huffington Post

Editorial: Back to work at L.A. Unified
Voters — few though they were — sent some strong messages to the Los Angeles Unified school board Tuesday. Los Angeles Times

Morning Read: CA ready to send out Common Core report cards

CA readies new student report cards on Common Core testing
State officials say they are moving forward with the new student report cards despite potential conflicts with the No Child Left Behind Act. SI&A Cabinet Report

San Pedro mother claims school police officer used excessive force on son
Andres Munoz, 11, said his wrist injury came as a result of being handcuffed by a school police officer. ABC7

School districts struggling to get reserves cap repealed
Last week, on a party-line vote, the majority Democrats on the Assembly Education Committee rejected Assembly Bill 1048. Ed Source

Girls via online petition stand up against ‘sexist’ school dress code
Students from New York to California have lodged similar protests against dress codes, which include bans on tight-fitting clothes. San Jose Mercury News

A vow to veto a schools bill in Minnesota
Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, had advocated universal prekindergarten for the state’s 4-year-olds. New York Times

Mobile program reaches students to help fill gaps in arts education
As arts programs have been cut back in some districts, nonprofits and community groups have stepped in to fill the gap in school arts education. KPCC

Morning Read: It’s election day (you knew that, right?)

LAUSD school board, City Council race highlight today’s election
Lacking a high profile race, such as a mayoral contest, the general municipal election is expected to draw less than 10 percent of registered voters. KPCC

Polls open: L.A. voters to decide one council, three school races
Three incumbents on the L.A. Board of Education are up for reelection. Los Angeles Times

Endorsements: Our L.A. City Council, school board recommendations
The Los Angeles News Group has made recommendations in all of the races based on interviews and other assessments of the candidates. Los Angeles Daily News

How PACs are impacting school board elections in LA
Political action committees are spending 15 times the cash they did six years ago ahead of the Los Angeles Unified school board election on Tuesday. KPCC

Gov. Brown calls for ‘balanced’ approach to testing and accountability
“Tests, metrics, measures, these are good,” Brown said in response to a question about whether the state has sufficient accountability measures in place. Ed Source

Morning Read: It’s attack of the attack ads in LAUSD board races

Attack ads plentiful in LAUSD board races
Supporters of candidates for three seats on the Los Angeles Unified School District board will spend more than $5.5 million by the time ballots are cast Tuesday. Daily Breeze

Where dropping out is going up
Nationally, high-school graduation rates are improving. But in a few states, the numbers have taken a hit. The Atlantic

L.A. Unified after-school coach is suspected of molesting nine girls
Ronnie Lee Roman worked as a Youth Services coach for Beyond the Bell, an after-school program offered in some elementary and middle schools. Los Angeles Times

Oakland district, teachers reach tentative pact
The deal, reached a minute before midnight Wednesday, is a departure from past contracts. SFGate

Teacher assails practice of giving passing grades to failing students
Teachers will tell you it is a no-no to ask other teachers why they committed grading malpractice. Washington Post

California Physics Students Expose Energy Suck at District Office
A group of California high school students told their district to start turning off lights and managing its computer power usage better. The Journal

Morning Read: $4.6 million spent on 3 LAUSD board races

Spending in race for three LAUSD board seats reaches nearly $4.6 million
The results of Tuesday’s election could shift the ideological balance of the seven-member board. Los Angeles Times

Teachers, tenure hauled into LAUSD election debate
Teachers are at risk of losing their closest ally on the board, Bennett Kayser. KPCC

State Senate OKs bill ending waiver from vaccine mandate
The state Senate on Thursday passed a controversial bill that would require many more California children to be vaccinated. Los Angeles Times

Oakland ends suspensions for willful defiance, funds restorative justice
Community advocates who have been working statewide to eliminate willful defiance say that committing funds is key to making real change. Ed Source

Kids Ocean Day draws thousands of LAUSD students for coastal cleanup
The event is meant to teach youngsters about how waste destroys oceans and aquatic life. Los Angeles Daily News

Editorial: Time for California lawmakers to repeal cap on school reserves
A bill would repeal a widely reviled cap on how much money school districts can save, a provision of the otherwise prudent Proposition 2. Los Angeles Times

Morning Read: How to spend an extra $4b? Schools raise hands

What to do with a $4b surplus? Schools say they come first
Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to unveil his revised May budget plan today on how to use nearly $4 billion in unanticipated revenue. SI&A Cabinet Report

SoCal high schools violate graduation cap and gown law
Some schools are not communicating the law to students and their families, which is leading them to spend money for no reason. NBC Los Angeles

Many Pre-K & kindergarten students leave NYC schools unsupervised
There were 279 complaints about unsupervised children in 2014, including 160 instances of children leaving the school. Gothamist

Photos: The good, the bad and the ugly of school bond projects
For the past couple of months we’ve been looking closely at how San Diego Unified is spending funds from Prop. S and Prop. Z. Voice of San Diego

Students to present solutions on health, safety, environment 
Finalists of this year’s Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh presented innovative developments and research. iSchoolGuide

Commentary: The Dude wants a healthy breakfast served at school

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges as The Dude in “The Big Lebowski”

By Rob Bonta and Jeff Bridges

It’s hard being a kid. There’s class work, homework and, in some cases, part-time work.

It’s even harder being a hungry kid. Imagine trying to focus on an important lesson with an empty stomach. How well would you perform?

Now multiply that feeling by 4.3 million.

That’s the number of California students who are missing out on school breakfast each day. At least 2.2 million of these kids live in hard-working, low-income households where it’s already a battle to make ends meet. Every student has the right to a quality education, and hunger should not deprive them of that right. When our kids don’t get a nutritious start to their day, the quality of their education declines and California suffers.

Now, let’s talk economics. Failing to serve breakfast at school is a poor use of existing resources. When kids don’t get school breakfast, many of our most challenged schools lose out on federal funding, undermining local economies and our children’s long-term success.

Click here to read the full commentary.

Morning Read: Plenty of ideas on how to spend extra school funds

CA teachers, community colleges know what to do with extra state funds
On Thursday morning, Gov. Jerry Brown is set to unveil an updated budget proposal for the next fiscal year. KPCC

In L.A. Unified races, both union and charter school backers target iPads
Charter-school backers and the teachers union are on opposite sides in next week’s Los Angeles school board elections. Los Angeles Times

Is the classroom a stressful place? Thousands of teachers say yes
A new survey of more than 30,000 U.S. teachers finds that most of them report high levels of stress. Washington Post

School districts start receiving early results on Smarter Balanced tests
While most students are in the middle of taking the new Common Core-aligned tests, some early results are starting to trickle into districts. Ed Source

Public Schools Fund, under de Blasio, is struggling to lure wealthy donors
The fund, which raised an average of $29 million a year over the last decade, has raised just $18 million this fiscal year. New York Times

Report: Atlanta cheating scandal affects students district-wide in tests
The study used a test erasure analysis data which revealed that over 7,064 students districtwide. iSchoolGuide

Morning Read: Low voter turnout gives power to interest groups

How low voter turnout impacts LAUSD schools
Over the last 50 years, local election turnout plummeted from a about 50 percent to less than 10 percent of eligible voters. KPCC

LAUSD board seat election could determine the fate of charter schools
The spending on both sides has turned the tussle in District 5 into a widely watched proxy war between the teachers union and the charter-school lobby. LA Weekly

S.F. schools’ iPad handout pivots from L.A.’s $1.3 billion scandal
From 350 miles north, San Francisco school officials watched the $1.3 billion iPad program in Los Angeles schools implode. San Francisco Chronicle

Authors of California vaccination bill fast-track proposal
Opponents criticized the maneuver as a way to avoid public debate. Associated Press

Abstinence-only curriculum is not sex education, judge rules
The state law requires school districts to make their sex-education programs “age-appropriate.” San Francisco Chronicle

California: Bill to limit how districts investigate school residency
Welcome to the squishy world of school residency investigations. Contra Costa Times

Morning Read: Downey USD’s take on Common Core gets attention

Students teaching students in new world of Common Core math
Four years into teaching Common Core-based math in elementary schools, Downey Unified is betting that its collaborative approach will serve its students. KPCC

Toxic turf? Movement grows against synthetic turf
Artificial turf fields, cushioned with recycled crushed tires and increasingly in demand for US athletic complexes, are getting some serious pushback. Huffington Post

‘We’ve got to remember this isn’t a race’ in implementing Common Core
EdSource is conducting a series of interviews featuring educators’ experiences with the Common Core State Standards. Ed Source

Local students invited to take part in national conferences with high fees
Each year, tens of thousands of students across the United States receive letters from for-profit organizations. Los Angeles Daily News

Policy quagmire surrounds LCAP accountability
To an outsider, efforts by the California State Board of Education last week to refine new accountability measures for school districts might have seemed a little chaotic. SI&A Cabinet Report

Enrollment in state pre-k inches up but disparities remain
Early education is widely recognized as an important component to helping ensure children from all backgrounds enter school ready to learn. Sacramento Bee

Questions and answers about the proposed California vaccine bill


By Jenna Chandler

Moms who turned out last week to hear vaccine critic Andrew Wakefield speak in Dana Point said the debate over whether to inoculate their children has become so divisive it’s severing friendships.

“The ‘V’ word, man, it’s a hot topic,” said Dotty “Sunshine” Hagmier, founder of local moms group Moms In Charge.

The vaccination debate was fueled by the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland Resort and has intensified the past few weeks as Senate Bill 277, a controversial bill to tighten vaccine requirements for schoolchildren, moves through the state Senate.

Wakefield, a former doctor, is on a crusade to prove vaccines are linked to autism – a theory denounced by public health officials and the vast majority of mainstream medicine. His medical license was revoked in the U.K. after he published a paper on the topic that later was retracted.

Click here to read the full story.

Morning Read: UTLA contract does not guarantee new teachers

UTLA contract fails to guarantee a single additional teacher in LAUSD
LA Unified is not obligated to hire a single teacher to help ease crowded classrooms under the terms of its tentative agreement with UTLA. Los Angeles Daily News

LA teacher says wi-fi makes her sick — so she wants it out of every classroom
A California teacher got wireless Internet removed from her classroom to accommodate her electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Raw Story

State board awards disputed test contract to ETS
ETS has run the state’s testing system for 13 years and was the choice of the staff of the state Department of Education and two panels of reviewers. Ed Source

Science charter revocation upheld
The state Board of Education upheld the revocation of a science-based charter school by the Los Angeles County Office of Education. SI&A Cabinet Report

Now is the time to go into education, says Teacher of the Year
The 2015 National Teacher of the Year said now is a great time to into education, even though she acknowledged the challenges educators face. Huffington Post

Morning Read: Some California schools still lack Internet

Some schools still waiting for Internet connection
A handful of California schools are located in areas so remote that there are no providers. SI&A Cabinet Report

L.A. County supervisors OK $450,000 payment for father of slain boy
A wrongful-death complaint is still pending against the Los Angeles Unified School District. Los Angeles Times

One Anaheim school district aims to get all students into music classes
Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait will join with the Anaheim City School District today to announce an ambitious goal: music instruction for every student in the district. KPCC

Buffalo considers public boarding schools to help solve ed crisis
Buffalo’s struggling school system is considering public boarding schools to give round-the-clock attention to students. Education News

AAP: Banning students infected with lice from school unnecessary
The AAP’s latest guidelines on head lice in kids showed how the condition can be treated without banning infected students from school. iSchoolGuide