Morning Read: Billions wasted on teacher training, study says

Study: Billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste
The study found no evidence that any particular approach or amount of professional development consistently helps teachers improve. Washington Post

Good news for New Orleans
The city has provided the first direct test of an alternative to the system that has dominated American public education for more than a century. Education Next

Maps highlight suspension and expulsion records
The maps were created as part of a conference at the White House last month, which highlighted the cost of suspensions and expulsions. SI&A Cabinet Report

What the new education buzzwords actually mean
Education writing is famous for its alphabet soup of acronyms and obscure terms. The Atlantic

Girls’ math scores higher when teacher is female, researchers say
Researchers said female students reported feeling that their female instructors are more likely to encourage equal participation among students. iSchoolGuide

One of the nation’s largest districts contemplates no sports, activities
School administrators in Virginia’s Fairfax County say they are again facing tough choices about what to keep and what to sacrifice. Washington Post

Morning Read: LAUSD arts plan concerns teachers

LAUSD plan cuts arts instruction to nine weeks per subject
The program, known as the Creative Network Pilot, launched last year in 31 schools and will expand this fall to an additional 10 schools. KPCC

Is studying the arts in school important?
This twelve-minute film explores the stories of artists, educators, parents, administrators, politicians and young people. KQED

States may soon have to report on progress of homeless, foster youth
A bill amending the ESEA to include homeless and foster youth as two new subgroups of students has passed the U.S. Senate. EdSource

Visualizing the Common Core curriculum
There are so many buzzwords associated with the Common Core that it’s hard to know what it all even means. New York Times

Early entry to transitional kindergarten approved
The change in law, prompted by a request from LAUSD, was ushered in this summer in a legislative trailer bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. SI&A Cabinet Report


Morning Read: How big of a threat to unions is the Friedrichs case?

Is the Friedrichs case an ‘existential threat’ to the teachers’ unions?
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Friedrichs vs. California case next year, giving it a chance to strike down union “agency fees.” Education Next

Neighbors push back against private schools’ plans to expand
Elite private campuses throughout the Los Angeles area are embarking on big-ticket upgrades to satisfy growing demand for cutting-edge education. Los Angeles Times

Promising algebra study gets second act
Researchers working with some 13,000 students in 18 school districts over a three-year period may have solved one of public education’s great conundrums. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chris Christie to teachers union: You deserve a punch in the face
Christie said the union cares only about higher wages and benefits and not about children. Washington Post

Can schools integrate when neighborhoods do?
Parents and educators at a San Francisco elementary school hope their changing community means better times ahead. Hechinger Report

Irvine family seeks lawsuit against school district after son’s suicide
Darrell and Kristi Kirkland allege that their son was driven to suicide after being subjected to “intense verbal and physical bullying by his classmates.” Orange County Register

Morning Read: MiSiS won’t be a crisis this year, LAUSD says

LAUSD officials: MiSiS ready for the new school year
While the $133.6-million computer program isn’t fully functional officials said that placing students in the proper classes won’t be a problem. Los Angeles Daily News

BH High’s only black principal settled race case, now wants board seat
Carter Paysinger announced he would retire June 30, move to Beverly Hills and seek a seat on the school board. City News Service

Should body cameras be used in schools?
An Iowa school district plans to have its principals wear cameras to record their interaction with students. Ed Tech Magazine

Number of homeschoolers growing nationwide
As the dissatisfaction among parents with the U.S. education system grows, so too does the number of homeschoolers in America. Education News

Meet the grandmother of America’s best charter schools
Linda Brown is an undeniable force in the movement to create high-performing charter schools. The Seventy Four

Teach to Lead initiative expands opportunities for teacher leadership
Teach to Lead is an effort to improve the quality of instruction and learning in American schools. Education News

Morning Read: Bilingual teachers in higher demand to fill shortages

Why schools are rushing to hire more bilingual teachers
Global events and continued growth among the Latino population have led to higher levels of students who don’t speak English. Fusion

Taking aim at the ‘middle school plunge’ with a positive culture
Fear of being publicly embarrassed or even physically hurt is widespread among students who are entering middle school, according to research. EdSource

Bill would close exemption for concealed guns on campus
Gun owners licensed to carry a concealed firearm would be prohibited from bringing it onto a K-12 or college campus. SI&A Cabinet Report

Effort to recall Richard Pan over vaccine bill cleared for signatures
Opponents of California’s vaccine mandate law have turned to the ballot box with a recall aimed at Senate Bill 277’s champion. Sacramento Bee

Black students get criminalized while white students get treatment
White kids are more likely to be pushed into special education services or receive medical and psychological treatment, according to a study. Huffington Post

Key & Peele sketch imagines a world where teachers are paid like athletes
The comedy duo eviscerate sports culture in support of the people who really deserve a signing bonus: public school teachers. (Go straight to video!) Buzzfeed

Morning Read: Judge rules ‘parent trigger’ can continue

‘Parent trigger’ campaigns can continue despite lack of new test scores
Parents are allowed to attempt to force major changes at schools considered failing based on tests that are at least two years old. EdSource

San Francisco middle schools no longer reaching ‘Algebra 1′
Districts like Los Angeles and Oakland are going to allow some high-achieving kids to go ahead and take algebra in middle school. But not San Francisco Unified. KQED

Using the restroom: A privilege—if you’re a teacher
Educators seldom have enough time to do their business. What’s that doing to the state of learning? The Atlantic

To get support for education bill, senators conjure lost art: Compromise
The 601-page bill dealt with the role of the federal government in the nation’s 100,000 schools and touched a number of hot-button issues. Washington Post

After principal’s suicide, report raises fresh test security questions
The principal of Teachers College Community School admitted to filling in questions left blank by third graders, according to a report. Chalkbeat New York

Anna Deavere Smith tackles school-to-prison pipeline in new solo show
A new play explores the “school-to-prison pipeline,” where children from poor communities are pushed into the criminal justice system. Playbill

Morning Read: District to define ‘adequately-funded’ education

Building a tool to define ‘adequately-funded’ education
California’s second-largest school district is almost ready to answer a question that has prompted legal challenges across the nation. SI&A Cabinet Report

Head of LAUSD schools in northeast SFV to expand bilingual programs
Local Superintendent Byron Maltez started his new position overseeing 118 schools in the northeast San Fernando Valley earlier this month. Los Angeles Daily News

Early education gets noticed in revise of No Child Left Behind
The U.S. Senate’s version of the bill, which passed with bipartisan support (81-17), “ensures that federal funds can be used for early education.” EdSource

Gay history class a first at public S.F. high school
The LGBT social studies course is the first of its kind in San Francisco and a rarity in public high schools across the country. San Francisco Chronicle

What do we value more: Young kids or fast food?
New York state recently announced an increase in the minimum wage for fast food workers, to $15 an hour. It’s the fruit of a three-year labor campaign. NPR

States in Motion: Visualizing how education funding has changed over time
The project explores numerous datasets through interactive charts for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. EdSource

Morning Read: One man’s quest for statewide arts education

Carl Schafer works to get CA to enforce its own arts education law
Carl Schafer has spent the last three years lobbying to get arts instruction to every student in the state. KPCC

Finally some help from the feds on ELL with disabilities
The special education system in many schools is plagued by over- or under-representation of different ethnic groups or genders. SI&A Cabinet Report

Evaluating teachers: Precise but irrelevant metrics?
It’s not controversial to argue that some teachers are more skilled or effective than others. Hechinger Report

Career Pathways Trust allowing students to explore the universe
Eight high school students are spending the summer helping scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. EdSource

Survey: Teachers spend $500 a year of their own money on supplies
Teacher verification provider SheerID and Agile Education Marketing today released the results of an annual survey. The Journal

Education groups urge Congress to finish the job on No Child Left Behind
Ten national education groups on Wednesday urged Congress to move quickly to finalize revisions to No Child Left Behind. Washington Post

Morning Read: Torlakson plans new school accountability system

State’s top education official plans new accountability system to rate schools
Torlakson said he will announce the creation of a committee to formulate a new accountability system for evaluating and rating schools. Los Angeles Daily News

Commentary: What LAUSD needs in its next superintendent
The Los Angeles Unified School District has at most a year to replace Ramon C. Cortines as superintendent. Los Angeles Times

Educators take aim at needs of younger foster youth
LA Unified put most of its funding for foster youth into high schools. But research and advocates suggest that the problems start far earlier. Chronicle of Social Change

Issue of collective bargaining threatens evaluation reform
The chief authors of the two nearly identically worded bills would open all aspects of an evaluation to collective bargaining. EdSource

Common Core politics and elections: Where the standards stand
RealClearEducation compiled an (unscientific) heat map that assesses Common Core’s risk of revocation in each state. Real Clear Education

Lottery sales to hit $6b; record contribution set for schools
Surging revenues haven’t just been limited to the state’s general fund – the lottery has had a healthy upswing this year, too. SI&A Cabinet Report

Morning Read: Cortines defends Esquith investigation

L.A. superintendent: ‘When it comes to student safety, we are going to choose students over adults every single time.’
Los Angeles schools superintendent Ramon C. Cortines e-mailed me Monday night with a reaction to my latest column. Washington Post

Teacher training course aims to boost students’ college readiness
Nearly 5,000 teachers across the state in grades 7 through 12 will sign up this summer and fall for CSU’s Expository Reading and Writing Course. Ed Source

5 questions with LAUSD School Board President Steve Zimmer
Steve Zimmer won the backing of his colleagues on July 1 to step in as Los Angeles Unified’s new school board president and his plate is already piled high. KPCC

Long Beach school board to consider renaming Robert E. Lee Elementary
The announcement comes more than two weeks after civil rights activists from the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable began calling on district and city officials to rename the elementary school. Long Beach Press-Telegram

Hopes dim for rewrite of school transit funding formula
The shortcomings of California’s current home-to-school transportation funding system came to light during the 2011-12 school year. SI&A Cabinet Report

Teen pregnancies hit all-time low
The highest number of teen births was recorded in 1990 when there was a birth rate of 60 babies per 1,000 teens. SI&A Cabinet Report

Morning Read: Long Beach Unified pressed to rename Lee Elementary

Long Beach board under pressure to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary
Dozens of schools throughout the nation bear the name of Lee, who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. NY Daily News

Why NYC is experimenting with new ways to desegregate public schools
Advocates of school integration say the tide is starting to change in the country’s largest school district. Slate

CA improves in children’s health but slips to 49th in financial security
The annual KIDS COUNT report on the welfare of the country’s children tells a mixed story of how California is faring in providing for its kids. KPCC

Flat funding threatens push for quality after-school programs
State leaders have rejected a proposal to provide cost-of-living increases for after-school program. Ed Source

U.S. Department Of Education releases parent checklist
The checklist follows the set of rights that the U.S. Department of Education recently released. iSchoolGuide

Morning Read: Man wins $25,000 for voting in LAUSD board election

Voter in L.A. school board race wins $25,000 for casting a ballot
An experiment in boosting chronic low-turnout local elections ended Friday when Rojas, a 35-year-old security guard, received a check. Los Angeles Times

Commentary: LAUSD still persecuting one of the nation’s best teachers
Esquith is being treated like a Wall Street cheat. Washington Post

Homeless students get new attention in school accountability plans
School districts must spell out how they will help the state’s 310,000 homeless students and make goals for their progress. ED Source

Senate ESEA rewrite fits Brown’s ed agenda
The surprisingly bipartisan rewrite of ESEA would remove a lot of uncertainty surrounding key policy work undertaken by Gov. Jerry Brown. SI&A Cabinet Report

LAUSD audit allegations still under internal review
In November, the inspector general’s investigation unit was called-in to begin reviewing allegations that could rise to criminal activity. Los Angeles Daily News

Saving the last links to Native American culture
Preserving a record of California’s indigenous culture is at the heart of a new law that creates a specialized teaching credential for American Indian culture. SI&A Cabinet Report

Morning Read: Vergara group brings new lawsuit over teacher evaluations

Group sues 13 districts for not using test scores in teacher evaluations
The lawsuit targets school systems in the state that have barred the use of test results through collective-bargaining agreements with teachers unions. Los Angeles Times

CA law bars consent as a defense in child sexual-abuse lawsuits
Gov. Brown announced he signed legislation introduced after LAUSD avoided liability for a teacher having sex with a 14-year-old girl. Orange County Register

No-bid practice for funding school projects found illegal
Billions of dollars in California school construction projects are now in legal limbo. San Francisco Chronicle

Half of new teachers quit profession in 5 years? Not true, new study says
The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics made the new finding in a study released in April. Ed Source

Crime stats show troubling trend at nation’s schools
A general decline in serious crime on K-12 school campuses nationwide appears to be reversing. SI&A Cabinet Report

Morning Read: Senate weakens role of feds over failing schools

Senate rejects effort to give feds more say in identifying failing schools
The measure was opposed by many Republicans who want to rein in the federal government’s influence over education. Washington Post

Teachers back in school to master Common Core standards
School’s out for summer – although maybe not, if your job is to teach the Common Core State Standards. Ed Source

School district separation financially viable
Santa Monica and Malibu’s school districts have formed a less than perfect union for several decades. Malibu Times

Early start divides schools, parents
Some parents are upset because the Capistrano Unified School District is moving up the school calendar. Orange County Register

Denver is leading the way in dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline
In the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 school years, in-school suspensions dropped 27 percent. Huffington Post

California students learn STEM concepts at Solar Science Academy
With about 300 high school students attending this year, the one-week program aims to immerse participants in a solar-focused curriculum. The Journal

Morning Read: Teacher shortage causing anxiety in school districts

California’s dwindling teacher supply rattling districts’ nerves
In a common sign of the emerging problem, districts throughout the state have been hiring more teachers with provisional intern credentials. Ed Source

County offices gain extra month to review LCAPs
The effect will be to ease some of the pressure on the counties to review districts’ local accountability plans. Ed Source

AFT girds for Supreme Court setback, pledges to grow membership
The AFT passed a resolution pledging to speak individually with each of its 1.6 million members about getting more involved in the union. Huffington Post

How textbooks can teach different versions of history
In 2010 the Texas State Board of Education adopted new, more conservative learning standards. Among the changes — how to teach the cause of the Civil War. NPR

Senate votes down federal protections for K-12 LGBT students
Fifty-two Senators voted for such a provision, while 45 opposed it. But Senate rules required 60 votes, and the measure fell short. Washington Post

Morning Read: Congress continues debate on NCLB rewrite

5 questions on education law overhaul
The GOP-controlled Congress is hoping to enact a six-year renewal of the measure that would include changes to education policy. USA Today

Is there a kinder, gentler way to get anti-vaxxers to see the light?
Some of the first people to notice the anti-vaccination phenomenon in California were Santa Monica physicians like pediatrician Alice Kuo. LA Weekly

Some teachers are evaluated using the test scores of kids they didn’t teach
Forty-two states across the country have moved in recent years to evaluate all teachers at least in part on student test score growth. Slate

Fostering a growth mindset is key to teaching STEM
Sure, STEM can be hard, but telling kids “not everyone can do it” may make both boys and girls less inclined to try. US News & World Report

Schools still can’t save for a rainy day
Legislators struggle to overturn the unpopular union-backed reserve cap. San Diego Union-Tribune

Chokeholds, brain injuries, beatings: When school cops go bad
At least 28 students have been seriously injured—and one killed—in the past 5 years. Mother Jones

Morning Read: Does LAUSD need a new teacher discipline system?

Has LAUSD’s approach to teacher discipline gone too far?
In the wake of the Miramonte child abuse scandal, the Los Angeles school district took unprecedented steps to better protect students. Los Angeles Times

Why LAUSD wants exemption from low-bidder law
Supporters of Assembly Bill 1185 say it will save money by letting the district pick the company it deems most suited for the job. Los Angeles Daily News

Aspire sees opportunity to grow teacher residencies
Aspire Public Schools is convinced that its intensive year-long residency program is the best method to train teachers, but it’s expensive. Ed Source

Commentary: Confederate names have no place on California schools
New state Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) has introduced a bill to prohibit calling a public school, building, park or road anything Confederate. Los Angeles Times

CA looks for options to ‘highly qualified’ teachers for all
The federal government has tried to address the issue of educator inequity in schools through a series of updates to the ESEA. SI&A Cabinet Report

Study: Low-income, minority kids get worst teachers in Washington State
A labor economist proposes higher teacher salaries for tougher schools. Hechinger Report

Morning Read: House passes partisan NCLB rewrite

House leaders muster passage of education bill
The House bill would streamline federal programs and includes language that would allow Title I dollars to follow students to public schools of their choice. Politico

County closes down Boyle Heights alternative school
A small high school in Boyle Heights was forced to close its door on short notice in June leaving 40 or so students scrambling. EGP News

As Latino population surges, gaps in income and education may shrink
Overall, Latinos have lower incomes, education and job skills than the average white Californian. Los Angeles Times

More MiSiS problems: Summer school grades for some students disappear
According to district administrators, summer school grades submitted to MiSiS seemingly disappeared from the system. KPCC

New York swaps state test-makers amid strife over exams
The previous contract was held by Pearson, an international education company that has become a lightning rod in education policy around the country. New York Times

What should replace No Child Left Behind?
The White House is calling for rules that tell states when to intervene in low-performing schools. PBS Newshour

Morning Read: MiSiS still causing transcript problems for LAUSD

MiSiS problems persist, some graduating seniors caught in transcript hell
The $133 million MiSiS system is still coughing out transcripts that inaccurately report whether students have met their graduation requirements. KPCC

New local superintendent plans apprenticeships, college prep courses 
Students are rarely offered training in skilled trades, because LAUSD began eliminating vocational classes in the 1980s. Los Angeles Daily News

Oklahoma schools condensing schedule to save money, attract teachers
Some districts in Oklahoma pay teachers in time – four days a week, instead of five. KGOU

LCAP not API to serve as school performance monitor
The API, based solely on test scores, has stood since 1999 as the primary matrix for communicating school success. SI&A Cabinet Report

Lawmakers move to limit government’s role in education
While there is near-universal agreement that No Child Left Behind should be retooled, the paths to change are starkly different. New York Times

Advocates for arts education may be doing more harm than good
Who’s the Grinch who stole arts education? Hechinger Report

Morning Read: LA becoming a hub for ed-tech startups

Ed-tech start-ups envision L.A. as a hub for the growing sector
A growing contingent of LA start-ups wants the attention to shift to a new sector: educational technology. Los Angeles Times

Contemplating better training for substitutes
The shortage of substitute teachers nationwide is shining a spotlight on the adequacy of those who are available. SI&A Cabinet Report

Personalized learning is especially good for students of color
“Personalized learning” lets the students dictate the direction and pace of instruction. Hechinger Report

Report: Technology purchases driving up back-to-school budgets
Parents are spending more on school supplies this year, mostly for technology purchases, according to a new report. The Journal

Editorial: Must the courts improve California’s schools?
Lawsuits aren’t the best way to improve schools. But sometimes they’re the only way. Los Angeles Times