Morning Read: California zaps 15 years of test scores from website

State removes 15 years of test results before releasing new scores
California Department of Education officials have repeatedly cautioned against comparing students’ scores on past state standardized tests. EdSource

Millikan students studied math with no air conditioning for days
The air conditioning outage in Room 71 was reported on Thursday. Los Angeles Daily News

California Supreme Court won’t hear Fresno Unified leaseback case
LA Unified filed a brief in support of Fresno Unified earlier this month, saying the appellate court’s opinion has created “uncertainty and conflict.” Fresno Bee

Palo Alto: Board increases home loan for superintendent to $1.5M
Even with a six-figure salary, Superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee is having trouble buying a home in the city. San Jose Mercury News

SBE to set attendance mark for federal reporting
The action follows adoption earlier this year of several amendments to the state’s federally-required accountability plan. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chicago hunger strike to save Dyett High School reaches ninth day
The activists demand the Chicago Board of Education turn Dyett into a leadership and green technology academy. International Business Times

Morning Read: Teacher misconduct investigations speeding up

Marking a big turnaround managing teacher misconduct
Three years after an audit found the average misconduct case could take 22 months, state officials reported that timeline has been cut almost in half. SI&A Cabinet Report

Why some in education believe truancy deserves much more attention
It’s difficult to pinpoint the size of the challenge because every state has a different definition of truancy and chronic absenteeism. Washington Post

Oakland school district considers bid for teacher housing
The school district cited a precedent at LA Unified, which is currently building the second of three housing complexes for employees. San Francisco Business Times

Centinela Valley district bills piling up for Jose Fernandez investigation
In the latest financial hit, the district’s refusal to release public documents related to its investigation into Fernandez will cost nearly $80,000. Los Angeles Daily News

Square root of kids’ math anxiety: Their parents’ help
A common impairment with lifelong consequences turns out to be highly contagious between parent and child, a new study shows. New York Times

Two polls span two poles on testing
Standardized national tests — and the many other tests that states and districts add on top of them — have drawn controversy. NPR

Morning Read: CA lawmakers seeking mandatory Kindergarten

It’s true: Kindergarten is optional in California
Educators and state lawmakers who want to close this achievement gap say it’s time to do away with optional kindergarten for California children. Los Angeles Times

Raising graduation bar poses challenges for school districts
More than 65,000 LAUSD students were funneled into summer school this year because they were behind on credits. EdSource

LAUSD reaches settlement in music teacher sex abuse case
At least four former students, who were not identified, accused Vance Miller of having sex with them while they attended the high school. Los Angeles Times

Irvine police flub active shooter drill at elementary school
No shots were fired, but parents said they were concerned at the apparent lack of coordination at the police department. CBS Los Angeles

U.S. schools are too focused on standardized tests, poll says
The results released Sunday come from the 47th annual PDK/Gallup poll of attitudes toward public schools. Washington Post

New twist on accountability: focus on existing reports
State officials appear to be focused on using a number of existing academic and fiscal reports to help explain how well schools doing. SI&A Cabinet Report

Morning Read: Housing project for LAUSD employees opens

Public officials celebrate affordable housing milestone in Hollywood
The project will house school district employees and families earning 30 to 60 percent of the area’s median income. City News Service

A request for the new LAUSD superintendent: Ask our kids what they need
Two moms and their children talked about what they would like the LA Unified school board to consider as it searches for a new superintendent. Los Angeles Times

Common Core yet to emerge as major issue in presidential campaign
EdSource plans to track the Common Core’s role in the 2016 presidential campaign. The following is the first of our occasional reports. EdSource

New York schools with many students who skipped tests won’t lose money
For months, state and federal officials warned that districts that fell below a 95 percent participation rate might lose federal funds. New York Times

How will Pearson spend $2 billion more on education?
Pearson was already the biggest education company in the world. Now its education business is getting even bigger. NPR

8-year-old’s 3D-printed smartwatch a vision of the future of STEM
A young maker’s contribution to the movement shines a light on how 3D printing can revolutionize education. Ed Tech Magazine

Morning Read: Parents protest after unvaccinated kids sent home

Angry parents protest after LAUSD send unvaccinated kids home
As many as 100 students were removed from their classrooms and told to call their parents, according to protesters. ABC7

Getting to the ‘why’ of discipline disparities
What happened at a rural high school was, according to a new guide to school discipline, the starting point for change. EdSource

GOP presidential hopefuls tested on education issues at N.H. forum
The candidates detailed their plans to improve America’s public schools, which many of them described as being in crisis. Washington Post

New bill would protect school contractors’ payments
The legislation is aimed at counteracting the impacts of a state appellate court decision in June. Sacramento Bee

Poll: Americans want more government spending on farm-to-school programs
Research suggests that the more kids know about what they are putting on their plate, the better they will eat. iSchoolGuide

How Bill and Melinda Gates want to transform teaching
Bill and Melinda are posting a series of blog entries in which they ponder the ways education could be transformed by technology. Yahoo

Morning Read: Questions arise over money to schools from jobs initiative

State lawmakers seeking greater oversight of clean jobs program
An Associated Press report found that a fraction of the promised jobs have been created. Associated Press

LAUSD preschooler cries on TV when reporters asks about missing his mom
The first day of school is tough for everyone. It doesn’t make it any easier when you’re asked to talk about missing your mom on live television. Huffington Post

Jefferson High has smooth start after last year’s chaos
Last year’s technical debacle dominated news of the opening of school. Los Angeles Times

Military children more likely to carry guns and use drugs, study finds
The results fall in line with previous work showing that children from military families are at higher risk of suicide and depression. Los Angeles Times

Giving parents more tools to evaluate sex education
A bill that would expand upon a parent’s rights to information about health and sex education is pending before a Senate budget committee. SI&A Cabinet Report

The only thing missing from this early learning class is nap time
Today was the first day of class for a new Los Angeles Unified School District program called expanded transitional kindergarten. Los Angeles Times

Morning Read: It’s back to school today throughout LA Unified

LA Unified looks for smoother tech operations this school year
As schools opened Tuesday, LA Unified officials are hopeful that they’ve turned the corner on their technology fiascoes.. Los Angeles Times

LAUSD Students Head Back to School
Hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles Unified School District students will be heading back to class Tuesday. NBC Los Angeles

LA Unified to combat ‘sexting as students head back to school
LA Unified officials say sexting hasn’t become an overwhelming problem in their schools, but they’re not taking any chances. ABC 7

Teacher back-to-school supplies add up for classes like music
As students head back to school, backpacks and binders aren’t the only items that need purchasing. Teachers are also spending money on class supplies. KPCC

These LAUSD students are not heading back to school
As thousands of Los Angeles students head back to school, Sabrina Campos is already six weeks deep into her algebra, chemistry, English and history classes. Los Angeles Times

Efforts to attract new teachers stall in state Legislature
To help entice teachers to the profession, Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills (in Los Angeles County), introduced Senate Bill 62 earlier this year. EdSource

Morning Read: The battle over a new school ratings system

Rating California schools is a big battle
It’s extremely difficult, bordering on impossible, to know what ratings system will emerge, or when. Fresno Bee

As school starts, LAUSD officials work to boost vaccination rates
LAUSD officials said preparations are underway to get ready for a stricter state law. Los Angeles Daily News

Report: No relationship between teacher pay, student results
The report looks at teacher salaries in the state’s 75 largest school districts and compares them to the district’s 2013 API scores. Los Angeles Daily News

Groups file complaint alleging civil rights violations in physical education
“Black and Hispanic students are systematically denied quality physical education,” according to the complaint. EdSource

ETS offers summer Smarter Balanced test scoring training to teachers
To help demystify the Common Core-aligned tests, the Educational Testing Service is providing several scoring training workshops for teachers this month. EdSource

Editorial: Jerry Brown’s con job on public schools
For observers of California’s public schools who look past the normal narratives and distractions, something bordering on despair is in order. San Diego Union-Tribune

Morning Read: Who loses as Sesame Street moves to HBO?

As ‘Sesame Street’ heads to HBO, will low-income kids lose out?
The deal will allow Sesame Workshop to produce more episodes and to expand its puppet-related kids content with new shows and spin-offs. NPR

Science, art camp sneaks in language for English learners
Students who are English learners learned new, advanced English words and phrases and had opportunities to use them during the science and arts camp. EdSource

When knowledge is unforgettable
Adults remember more of what they learned in school than they think they do. The Atlantic

New pesticide rules for farms near schools coming
Officials from the Department of Pesticide Regulation are crafting new statewide rules for pest management practices on farmland near schools. SI&A Cabinet Report

Coding schools are at the center of an education revolution
Students learn to love code at Flatiron School, a new kind of institution that’s thriving within a niche carved by a ravenous IT marketplace. Ed Tech Magazine

Morning Read: Study finds kids have way too much homework

Kids have three times too much homework, study finds; what’s the cost?
A study found students in the early elementary school years are getting significantly more homework than is recommended by education leaders. CNN

New Denver high school has later start time
The right start time for middle and high school students is a controversial question with varying opinions. 9 News

Brown signs new school residency laws
The legislation provides an exemption in school residency laws for children of live-in workers, and protections during district investigations. SI&A Cabinet Report

20% of New York state students opted out of standardized tests this year
The number of students declining to take the exams quadrupled from the year before. New York Times

More kids, more problems
Many of the states with the fastest-growing youth populations are also the ones that produce the weakest outcomes for kids. The Atlantic

Morning Read: Release of Common Core test scores delayed

State delays releasing Common Core-aligned test scores until September
Officials say they want to take extra care to make sure everything is accurate and complete before the official release in September. EdSource

LA schools urged to shift football practices to early morning due to heat 
The rush to avoid heat stroke is spreading from Texas west, as an oppressive heat wave prepares to lay siege to the Los Angeles area. USA Today

Former teacher accused of having sex with students
Michelle Yeh, 28, was set to be arraigned Wednesday in Long Beach, Calif., on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. Q13 Fox

Cortines calls for unity in annual L.A. school district address
The annual address was probably Cortines’ last as superintendent, but also his first since the 83-year-old veteran schools chief returned from retirement. Los Angeles Times

Teach for America sees another big drop in accepted corps members
TFA received over 44,000 applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Last year, the organization received just over 50,000 applications. Huffington Post

The coddling of the American mind
In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. The Atlantic

Morning Read: Lawsuit calls for release of English learner data

Lawsuit claims state refuses to release data on English learners
The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Public Counsel filed a lawsuit to force the department to release the documents. EdSource

Parents outraged over school bus fees
Some parents are upset that school districts in Southern California are charging for students to ride the bus. CBS Los Angeles

Court rejects retaliation claim over civil protections
Documentation of interaction with an aggressive parent by district personnel played a big role in leading a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit. SI&A Cabinet Report

New York State test questions tricky for 3rd Graders, and maybe some adults
New York’s exams are considered some of the toughest in the country. New York Times

Spotlight on High Tech High in San Diego raises questions about its model
The project-based model emphasizes depth over breadth and is considered a national model for “deeper learning.’ Hechinger Report

John Oliver targets sex ed on ‘Last Week Tonight’
“Teaching sex ed in schools is really important for obvious reasons: No parent wants to talk to their kids about sex, and no kid wants to talk about sex with their parents,” Oliver said. iSchoolGuide

Morning Read: Giant charter expansion planned for LAUSD

Major charter school expansion in the works for L.A. Unified students
Charter school leaders said they have met with officials from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation in recent months about the effort. Los Angeles Times

Editorial: L.A. Unified’s ‘teacher jail’ policy ends up punishing students
As currently practiced, the procedure appears to turn too many easily resolved cases into administrative quagmires. Los Angeles Times

‘Body’ report cards aren’t influencing Arkansas teenagers
A growing number of schools are monitoring their students’ weight and sending updates home, much like report cards. New York Times

LAUSD asks state Supreme Court to hear Fresno Unified’s case on leaseback
L.A. Unified is undertaking a massive bond-funded school construction program and has spent billions of dollars on leaseback contracts. Fresno Bee

Should high school students have to ‘defend’ their diploma like a Ph.D?
California’s new way of ranking school performance could open the door to portfolio assessments. Hechinger Report

K-12 connectivity heatmap shows state schools in need of more bandwidth
Sixty-three percent of schools don’t have enough bandwidth to meet the current needs for digital learning. Ed Tech Magazine

Morning Read: Bodycams get a try in Texas, Iowa districts

Bodycams beginning to percolate in two schools
Two school districts are adopting the use of body cameras this fall to record interactions. The Journal

Local year-round schools nearly extinct
Once common in the Inland area, the schedule has all but disappeared as enrollment has slowed in recent years. The Press-Enterprise

CSBA calls on high court to hear lease-back case
CSBA’s Education Legal Alliance, at the forefront of litigating key education issues since 1992, added its voice to that of Fresno Unified. SI&A Cabinet Report

Can black English help black children learn better? One educator believes so
Many educators—black and white—still rebel against the idea of any semblance of black English being used in an educational setting. Hechinger Report

Applying to a UC campus? Now you can choose among six gender identities 
The identity choices, officials said, are intended to help serve the student body of each campus. Los Angeles Times

Who is ‘good enough’ in a Common Core world?
Common Core is a big deal because — until last year — it was all but impossible to compare students across state lines. Not anymore. NPR

Morning Read: Libraries, day care homes team up in California

Libraries reach out to day care homes to help improve quality
The outreach is a small but innovative part of a statewide effort to improve the quality of day care centers. EdSource

Former L.A. teacher pleads no contest to child abuse against student
Thelmo Garcia, 37, was ordered to complete 52 weeks of child abuse counseling and was placed on five years of probation. Los Angeles Times

Guidance on supporting transgender students
The report is first-of-its-kind national guidance that acknowledges the issues school officials face. SI&A Cabinet Report

One start-up offers a method for rating education technology
A start-up company built around the idea of crowd-sourcing reviews for software provides a source of information for educators. Hechinger Report

Cue the GOP debates: 3 ways education issues could spark drama
The Republicans will hold their first two debates Thursday evening, perhaps the surest sign yet that the presidential election has begun in earnest. The Seventy Four

Five of Jon Stewart’s greatest hits on teachers, school reform and stupidity
Never the hard-line critic of corporate school reform that many would have liked him to be, Stewart still poked holes in it on occasion. Washington Post

Morning Read: Billions wasted on teacher training, study says

Study: Billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste
The study found no evidence that any particular approach or amount of professional development consistently helps teachers improve. Washington Post

Good news for New Orleans
The city has provided the first direct test of an alternative to the system that has dominated American public education for more than a century. Education Next

Maps highlight suspension and expulsion records
The maps were created as part of a conference at the White House last month, which highlighted the cost of suspensions and expulsions. SI&A Cabinet Report

What the new education buzzwords actually mean
Education writing is famous for its alphabet soup of acronyms and obscure terms. The Atlantic

Girls’ math scores higher when teacher is female, researchers say
Researchers said female students reported feeling that their female instructors are more likely to encourage equal participation among students. iSchoolGuide

One of the nation’s largest districts contemplates no sports, activities
School administrators in Virginia’s Fairfax County say they are again facing tough choices about what to keep and what to sacrifice. Washington Post

Morning Read: LAUSD arts plan concerns teachers

LAUSD plan cuts arts instruction to nine weeks per subject
The program, known as the Creative Network Pilot, launched last year in 31 schools and will expand this fall to an additional 10 schools. KPCC

Is studying the arts in school important?
This twelve-minute film explores the stories of artists, educators, parents, administrators, politicians and young people. KQED

States may soon have to report on progress of homeless, foster youth
A bill amending the ESEA to include homeless and foster youth as two new subgroups of students has passed the U.S. Senate. EdSource

Visualizing the Common Core curriculum
There are so many buzzwords associated with the Common Core that it’s hard to know what it all even means. New York Times

Early entry to transitional kindergarten approved
The change in law, prompted by a request from LAUSD, was ushered in this summer in a legislative trailer bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. SI&A Cabinet Report


Morning Read: How big of a threat to unions is the Friedrichs case?

Is the Friedrichs case an ‘existential threat’ to the teachers’ unions?
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Friedrichs vs. California case next year, giving it a chance to strike down union “agency fees.” Education Next

Neighbors push back against private schools’ plans to expand
Elite private campuses throughout the Los Angeles area are embarking on big-ticket upgrades to satisfy growing demand for cutting-edge education. Los Angeles Times

Promising algebra study gets second act
Researchers working with some 13,000 students in 18 school districts over a three-year period may have solved one of public education’s great conundrums. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chris Christie to teachers union: You deserve a punch in the face
Christie said the union cares only about higher wages and benefits and not about children. Washington Post

Can schools integrate when neighborhoods do?
Parents and educators at a San Francisco elementary school hope their changing community means better times ahead. Hechinger Report

Irvine family seeks lawsuit against school district after son’s suicide
Darrell and Kristi Kirkland allege that their son was driven to suicide after being subjected to “intense verbal and physical bullying by his classmates.” Orange County Register

Morning Read: MiSiS won’t be a crisis this year, LAUSD says

LAUSD officials: MiSiS ready for the new school year
While the $133.6-million computer program isn’t fully functional officials said that placing students in the proper classes won’t be a problem. Los Angeles Daily News

BH High’s only black principal settled race case, now wants board seat
Carter Paysinger announced he would retire June 30, move to Beverly Hills and seek a seat on the school board. City News Service

Should body cameras be used in schools?
An Iowa school district plans to have its principals wear cameras to record their interaction with students. Ed Tech Magazine

Number of homeschoolers growing nationwide
As the dissatisfaction among parents with the U.S. education system grows, so too does the number of homeschoolers in America. Education News

Meet the grandmother of America’s best charter schools
Linda Brown is an undeniable force in the movement to create high-performing charter schools. The Seventy Four

Teach to Lead initiative expands opportunities for teacher leadership
Teach to Lead is an effort to improve the quality of instruction and learning in American schools. Education News

Morning Read: Bilingual teachers in higher demand to fill shortages

Why schools are rushing to hire more bilingual teachers
Global events and continued growth among the Latino population have led to higher levels of students who don’t speak English. Fusion

Taking aim at the ‘middle school plunge’ with a positive culture
Fear of being publicly embarrassed or even physically hurt is widespread among students who are entering middle school, according to research. EdSource

Bill would close exemption for concealed guns on campus
Gun owners licensed to carry a concealed firearm would be prohibited from bringing it onto a K-12 or college campus. SI&A Cabinet Report

Effort to recall Richard Pan over vaccine bill cleared for signatures
Opponents of California’s vaccine mandate law have turned to the ballot box with a recall aimed at Senate Bill 277’s champion. Sacramento Bee

Black students get criminalized while white students get treatment
White kids are more likely to be pushed into special education services or receive medical and psychological treatment, according to a study. Huffington Post

Key & Peele sketch imagines a world where teachers are paid like athletes
The comedy duo eviscerate sports culture in support of the people who really deserve a signing bonus: public school teachers. (Go straight to video!) Buzzfeed