D4 Challenger Anderson Rebuts Union Attack

Kate Anderson

As we reported here last week, the union independent expenditure committee called UTLA-PACE has sent out a campaign mailer to attack LAUSD Board candidate Kate Anderson, who is challenging incumbent Steve Zimmer in the Westside/Hollywood’s District 4.

But according to Anderson, the claims being made are “completely misleading:”

The mailer scrutinizes Anderson’s attendance record while she served on the LA County Child Care Planning Committee and accuses her of running for the School Board simply because she’s angling for a higher political office.

According to Anderson, however, her husband Peter often showed up at the meetings in her stead – a common practice. The mailer also neglects to mention that the attendance of other members at Committee’s meetings was similarly inconsistent. “For me, it was a volunteer work. I was serving on the committee as a parent, while also working at my law firm,” Anderson said.

As for the claim that she’s not dedicated to education issues? “The idea that I’m not committed to kids to ludicrous,” Anderson said.

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  • Sonja Luchini

    I’ve been a volunteer member of the state and federally mandated Special Education Community Advisory Committee for over 15 years. I don’t miss meetings or I loose the right to be a member. But it looks like she could fudge the truth about her participation. This committee allows for “appointing an alternate”.

    From the LA County Child Care application: “B. Member Responsibilities – Members are expected to attend up to ten (10) monthly meetings and an annual orientation and/or retreat. Regular meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m., unless otherwise indicated on the yearly calendar.” It then continues with this request: “C. Each member must appoint an Alternate from the same membership category to take the member’s place in the member’s absence. Please designate your alternate below and provide complete contact information.”

    If she did indeed appoint her husband as her alternate, then HE should be the one running for School Board as he’s attended more meetings and contributing to this committee, not her.

    I guess she was there in spirit so her husband’s participation should count towards her experience? I don’t think so….

  • Loren Scott

    So, I’m confused… She’s admitting to not attending the meetings, however, because other members had bad attendance records, that made it okay? And who was on the committee? Her or her husband?