Administrators Union Endorses Candidates*

The Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA), the union that represents LAUSD principals and other administrators, officially endorsed its Board candidate picks on Friday, and they’re similar to United Teacher Los Angeles’ endorsements last month.

In District 2, which comprises parts of Central and East LA, the union endorsed two of Board President Monica Garcia’s challengers, Robert Skeels and Isabel Vazquez. In District 4, which includes the Westside and Hollywood, AALA endorsed Board incumbent Steve Zimmer. For the open Board seat in District 6, in the east San Fernando Valley, the union endorsed Monica Ratliff and Maria Cano. AALA said a press release is forthcoming next week. Read the LA Daily News story here.

*Correction: A previous version of this post said the teachers union endorsed both Skeels and Vazquez. The union only endorsed Skeels.

  • Janet E.

    First, I want to say I like your blog, it’s covering a lot of important issues during this period leading up to the March 5 elections.

    Second, I want to point out an error in this blog post. The article states that, “…the union endorsed two of Board President Monica Garcia‚Äôs challengers, Robert Skeels and Isabel Vazquez, who are also supported by the teachers union.”

    However, this is incorrect. Isabel Vazquez is not being supported by the teachers union. In fact she requested to be supported and was denied by the PACE committee, denied by the Board of Directors, and finally denied by the House of Representatives of UTLA.

    You error is understandable, because in an article in the Daily News, it was inaccurately reported that Isabel Vazquez was endorsed by UTLA.

    But, a quick look at UTLA’s website shows the following candidates were endorsed by UTLA for LAUSD District 2:
    *Annamarie Montanez
    *Abelardo Diaz
    *Robert Skeels

    I would respectfully request that you issue a correction to this article. And I look forward to reading more articles on LA School Report.