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laschoolreportsquarelogoFounded in 2012, LA School Report is an online news site, focusing on the intersection of politics and education in Los Angeles. We publish news, analysis, and commentary, serving as a hub for today’s most important education-related developments. In the tradition of journalism in the public interest, we seek to provide information and context with one primary question in mind: what is in the best interest of students? We strive to enlighten and provoke; to bring greater transparency and accountability to our city’s elected officials; and to take an honest look at the profound challenges facing the Los Angeles public school system. We seek to look beyond the “reform vs union” debate and instead focus attention on what public officials and policy makers are doing to help improve public education.



Jamie Alter Lynton is the founder of LA School Report.
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Laura Greanias is executive editor of LA School Report.
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craig cloughCraig Clough is a reporter and news site editor at LA School Report.
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Mike SzymanskiMike Szymanski is a reporter at LA School Report.

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